New Nissan EV Platform Boosts Performance, Comfort

All-New Nissan ARIYA EV | Toronto, ON

As Nissan looks to the future, the brand is always finding ways to make driving more enjoyable. This encompasses both comfort and driving dynamics. The new Nissan CMF-EV platform, which debuted on the all-new ARIYA EV, is an example of this.

Commonly referred to as a “magic flying carpet” by Nissan engineers, this platform allows the cabin of a vehicle to transform into a lounge-like area. This is instantly noticeable in the new ARIYA, which features a wide and open design with Zero Gravity front seats.

It’s not just about opening up the cabin with the CMF-EV platform, though. This system is adaptable to various powertrains, including the state-of-the-art e-4ORCE drivetrain technology. That all-wheel control technology provides an ideal balance of power and balance for a smooth yet exhilarating drive.

To put it to the test, Nissan released a video where a motorized server tray with e-4ORCE technology swiftly delivered bowls of ramen with no spills. Thanks to its braking performance and power output management, the server tray reduced sloshing when arriving in front of customers.

While you probably won’t be driving around with hot soup in your new Nissan, that test was a unique way of showcasing the brand’s innovation. Our team at Avenue Nissan in Toronto, Ontario, is excited to see more smart developments from the Nissan brand in the coming years!