Nissan Canada Receives Top 100 Ideal Employer Award

Top 100 Ideal Employer | Avenue Nissan | Toronto, ON

If you’re looking for your dream job, consider applying with Nissan Canada. The carmaker has recently received the Universum Canadian Top 100 Ideal Employer award for the fourth time, showcasing its appeal as a company.

This award is the result of the annual Canadian Universum Survey, which is the largest and oldest student career preference survey in Canada and highlights the most sought-after employers according to student voting. More than 20,000 Canadian students took part in this survey this year, sharing their opinions and views on their futures.

“Canadian students studying engineering and information technology have ranked Nissan Canada among the top 100 most attractive companies over the last four years,” said Steve Milette, president of Nissan Canada. “We are honoured to accept this award and will continue to promote and enhance a winning culture that is desirable for our current and future employees.”

The students chose the companies included in the survey, answering questions based on four categories: employer reputation and image; people and culture; remuneration and advance opportunities; and job characteristics. Students also look at other factors, such as corporate transparency, exciting products, a dynamic work environment, work-life balance, job security, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Here at Avenue Nissan, we’re proud to associate ourselves with the inviting culture and strong values that Nissan has established — and we strive to live this out every day in our interactions with you, the customer.  

Nissan LEAF Named 2019 AJAC Canadian Green Car of the Year winner

2019 AJAC Canadian Green Car of the Year | Avenue Nissan Blog | Toronto, ON

The Nissan LEAF has done it again — this all-electric car has walked away with another accolade under its belt. The LEAF, which is considered the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, was recently named the winner of the 2019 AJAC Canadian Green Car of the Year awards during the Vancouver International Auto Show.

“As the pioneer of the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, we have a duty to offer Canadians an EV that offers more, and continues to spearhead the advancement of the zero-emission segment,” said Joni Paiva, president of Nissan Canada. “We have achieved that with the new Nissan LEAF, which provides the right range at the right price, offering a suite of advanced safety technology, and standard features specifically for Canada.”

To determine the winner of the 2019 AJAC Canadian Green Car of the Year awards, more than 65 AJAC journalists across Canada tested the entries. Each entry is tested on different road surfaces and conditions throughout the year and put to the test during AJAC’s autumn Test Fest event.

This isn’t the only award that the LEAF has won. It was recently named the 2018 World Green Car of the Year. It’s also the first-ever electric car to sell more than 400,000 models globally.

Along with the LEAF, Nissan now offers the all-new Nissan LEAF PLUS, which has more power and offers up to 363 kilometres of range. Contact us here at Avenue Nissan to order this exciting new model.