Tips for Keeping Your Nissan’s AC Cold This Summer

Tips for Keeping Your Nissan’s AC Cold This Summer | Toronto, ON

Now that the weather is warming up, you’ll probably be using your car’s air conditioning system a lot more. Here are some ways to keep your Nissan cold this summer.

Roll the windows down

The best way to cool the interior of your car is to let the hot air out first. Before you start driving, roll the windows down a bit. Drive for a couple of minutes with them down and then turn the air conditioning on to get the cool flow started. Don’t forget to roll up the windows, though!

Check the filter

Much like your car’s oil, air goes through a filter to work properly. This filter is typically located behind the glove box and also blocks odors from entering the cabin. Be sure to have the air filter checked when you visit us at Avenue Nissan to ensure you’re getting clean, cool air.

Don’t forget the fresh air vent

Your car’s air conditioning system has various features — one of which is the “fresh air vent” that allows the air from outside the vehicle to enter the cabin. Using this every so often is great for freshening up the interior. But be sure to turn on the recirculation button when you’re behind a diesel truck to avoid inhaling those fumes.

If you notice any foul odors or encounter any issues with your car’s air conditioning unit, feel free to contact us or visit our service team at Avenue Nissan in Toronto, Ontario.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring Cleaning Tips | Avenue Nissan | Toronto, ON

With winter finally winding down, it’s time to remove all of the dirt and grime from your vehicle. Our team at Avenue Nissan put together the following spring cleaning tips for your car.

Start on the exterior

If you plan on washing the outside of your car by yourself (instead of going to an automatic wash), start from the top and work your way down. But before you rinse the whole vehicle, scrub the tires and rims. When it’s time to dry, use a clean microfibre towel so you don’t scratch the paint.

Get rid of trash

Once you move inside, gather any pieces of trash and clutter into a trash bag. Consider finding new homes for non-essential items that have made their way into your vehicle. Don’t forget to look under the seats and floor mats as well as in the trunk.

Interior cleaning

Cleaning the interior should consist of wiping down all surfaces with appropriate materials. If you have leather seats, be sure to use a leather cleaning solution that won’t harm them. Wipe down everything, including the dash, steering wheel, air vents, centre console, gear shifter, and door handles. Don’t forget the inside of the windows, too!

Another great way to keep your car in great shape as we head into a new season is to ensure that you’re staying on top of its maintenance schedule. Stop by Avenue Nissan in Toronto, ON for a routine check-up and other helpful services.

Winter Tires Are a Must-Have for Toronto Drivers

Winter Tires Are a Must-Have for Toronto Drivers | Toronto, ON

As the weather changes in the city, the roads will become snowy and icy. To help you stay safe, it’s a good idea to update your vehicle’s tires for additional support while driving. Here are some tips for choosing and maintaining winter tires in Toronto.

Choosing winter tires

When it comes to buying winter tires, look for a specific logo that has a mountain with a snowflake inside of it. This symbol indicates that the tires qualify as “winter tires” in Canada, according to Transport Canada. However, be sure that you don’t purchase studded snow tires, as those are illegal to use in Toronto and are only acceptable in Northern Ontario during certain months.

Maintaining winter tires

Just like the standard all-season tires on your vehicle, it’s vital that you maintain winter tires, too. This includes checking the air pressure to ensure that the tires are performing well and are providing optimal traction. You’ll also want to check the tires via the “toonie test” to see if the tread depth is acceptable for safe driving.

Here at Avenue Nissan, we have a wide selection of winter tires available for purchase. Our team can help you pick them out and install them for you, making the entire process incredibly convenient. Contact us at (416) 783-3303 for additional information.

Beat the Heat with These Summer Car Care Tips

Beat the Heat with These Summer Car Care Tips | Avenue Nissan | Toronto, ON

Whether you’re traveling this summer or staying put, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained for higher temperatures. To learn more, check out these summer car care tips from Avenue Nissan in Toronto.

Bring your car in for routine maintenance

It’s a good idea to keep up with maintenance year-round, and summer is no different. Visit Avenue Nissan soon for an oil change, tire rotation, filter replacements, and any other service you’re due for.  

Make sure your air conditioning is in peak condition

Summers in Toronto can get hot, so make sure your vehicle’s prepared. If you feel like your air conditioning system isn’t working as well as it should be, get it checked out by a mechanic so you don’t have to roll the windows down when temperatures rise

Check your coolant levels

Coolant helps your engine stay cool when the weather is hot. Checking your coolant levels can help ensure that you don’t have to deal with an overheated engine this summer.

Remember to use your dashboard sunshade

Over time, the sun can really do a number on your car’s interior. Make sure you keep your car’s interior cool and protect the upholstery from ultraviolet rays with a dashboard sunshade.

For all your vehicle service needs this summer, come see our expert technicians here at Avenue Nissan.

Explore These Canadian Museums from Home

Canadian Museums Online | Toronto, ON

So, you’ve been stuck at home for a few months now and have binge-watched and baked to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for something new to do, consider checking out some popular Canadian museums. These online museum tours are a great way to pass the time — without leaving the house.

Canadian Museum of History

Take a step back in time and learn about the Canada of the past with an online tour of the Canadian Museum of History. Check out the “Morning Star” painting from Alex Janvier on the museum’s ceiling, getting even closer than you can in real like. From Inuit prints from Cape Dorset in Nunavut to a clickable playhouse that lets you check out old Canadian children’s toys, the online options in this museum are endless.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The entirety of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s collection is searchable on their website, so if you have a favourite you can easily find it. There are also multiple exhibits available to explore, including The Boxwood Project, which highlights Gothic carvings.

Canadian War Museum

Explore the online exhibits of the Canadian War Museum, exploring the various wars that Canada has taken part in. We recommend a look at the War of 1812 exhibit, which highlights four perspectives of the war: Canadian, British, American, and Indigenous.

While you’re online, check out our inventory at Avenue Nissan if you’re in need of a new ride —we offer everything from small eco-friendly cars to big family SUVs.

Sanitation Tips to Keep Your Nissan Vehicle Clean

Nissan Sanitation Tips | Toronto, ON

Around Toronto, people are taking extra steps to ensure their safety from germs. If you’re wondering how you can sanitize your vehicle and stay in good health, consider these car sanitation tips from Avenue Nissan.

What Should I Use?

To get your vehicle spic and span, you need the right tools. Here are several to keep on hand:

  • Microfibre or soft cloth: Wipe down your vehicle’s hard surfaces with a cloth that has been dampened with soap and water, then dry it with a clean dry cloth.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: To sanitize your Nissan, clean interior surfaces with solutions that contain at least 70 percent alcohol.  
  • Leather conditioner: While leather and leather-like materials have a protective coating, you might not want to use an alcohol-based solution on them. Instead, wipe them down with soap and warm water, then follow up by using a good leather conditioner.
  • Avoid these: You should avoid using bleach, hydrogen peroxide, benzene, thinners, or other abrasive cleaners. Also, don’t use ammonia-based cleaners on the infotainment screen.

Where Should I Clean?

Pay special attention to the following places in your vehicle:

  • Steering wheel
  • Key and remote fob
  • Both sides of your exterior door handles and the interior door handles
  • Trunk levers
  • Start button if your Nissan has one
  • Rearview mirror
  • HVAC vents
  • Your centre console and arm rests
  • Shift knob
  • Steering wheel
  • Seat belt and buckle
  • Parking brake handle

For more advice on how to clean your Nissan vehicle, contact our service department here at Avenue Nissan.