Not Driving Your Car Much? Watch Out for These Problems

Not Driving Your Car Much? Watch Out for These Problems | Toronto, ON

Have you recently cut back on travel or started leaving your vehicle parked for weeks at a time? If you’re not driving your car much, keep an eye out for these problems to ensure that it remains in good shape.

Battery drain

If you go for weeks of time without driving your vehicle, the battery may eventually run down. To avoid the need for a jump-start, try to drive your vehicle for at least 20 minutes every few weeks. This will help recharge your battery and ensure that you won’t be surprised by an engine that doesn’t start.

Tire flat-spotting

If you leave your vehicle in the same spot for too long, the tires could develop flat spots. This happens when the weight of the vehicle sits constantly on one spot of the tire’s rubber and flattens it over time. To avoid this problem, try to take your vehicle out for an occasional spin to warm up the tires, and be sure to keep them inflated at the proper levels.

Brake rust

Weeks of disuse can lead to rust on your vehicle’s brake rotors, and if you leave the parking brake on for too long, the pads can get stuck on the rotors. Fortunately, starting up your vehicle and going on a brief drive can help keep these issues from getting too serious.

Even if you’re not using your vehicle often these days, it was designed to be driven — so try to operate it at least once in a while. If you’re running into any problems or need to keep up with regular maintenance, be sure to contact our service department here at Avenue Nissan.