Keep Your Car Running with These Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Spring Car Maintenance Tips | Avenue Nissan Blog | Toronto, ON

Warm weather is finally here, which means flowers are blooming and people are getting outdoors to stretch their legs. This also means it’s time to make sure your car is ready for the spring. Here are a few spring car maintenance tips you should consider to keep your car running smoothly.

Remember to take care of routine maintenance

Every several thousand kilometres, you should bring your vehicle into Avenue Nissan for routine maintenance. Use the warmer weather as an excuse to get your car’s oil changed, a new oil filter, and a tire rotation so your car can keep up with your spring adventures.

Change your windshield wipers

Spring weather means rain, which is why it’s important that your windshield wipers are in top-notch condition. Ice can cause your wipers to crack or break in other ways, which is why the spring is such a good time to replace them. After all, having the best visibility possible when you’re out on the road is important!

Take care of your tires

Colder weather can do a number on your tires. As the weather warms up, you might find that your tires’ pressure increases. Make sure your tire pressure remains within the manufacturer’s recommended range. Also, check your tires’ tread to ensure you have a good grip on wet roads, and switch out your winter tires for all-season or summer tires.

No matter the make or model you drive, contact Avenue Nissan’s service team & schedule your appointment today! We’re here to help.